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Iraq, known for their feat in Asia Cup 2007 despite being a nation torn due to war, have an all white home kit and an all green away kit. Only few knew that prior to the Asia Cup final, the Iraqi national team played in an incomplete set of uniform kit! In the final match, they were finally sponsored a brand new set of Umbro kits.

For a slightly different style, besides placing the Iraq flag as normally used, this kit introduces the Iraq flag fitted in a shield as used in the nation's coat of arms. Also introduced is the placement of the Iraq FA's emblem on the right side of the chest.

Home kit

The all white home kit has a printed graphic green band across the chest with a pale turqoise blue in between the green colours. The design represents a streaming river through the green furtile land of Mesopotamia (which means the land between two rivers) - a civilization of old Iraq. The pale turqoise blue is also used on the Iraq FA's emblem. The collar and sleeve grips are black with green details.

Away kit

The all green away kit has printed graphic representing the Iraq flag colours across the chest. In order to retain the traditional feel in the away kit, white is used extensively throughout the kit on the collar, sleeve grips and the top half of the socks. The collar and sleeve grips are white with green details.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


The kits are based on the latest Italy Home kit released by Puma for Confederations Cup 2009. Cendre blue is used in this kit, inspired by Azzuri team kits in the 1930s. Apart from the Italian flag colours, also introduced is chocolate brown elements throughout the kit.

Home kit:

The main colour of the home kit is cendre blue. The home kit has a white polyester collar with the Italian flag colours extended to the chest. Chocolate brown piping is used on its sleeves. There are four stars on the socks, representing four World Cup wins, in chocolate brown colours with a white top half and chocolate brown details.

Away kit:

The away kit has a white lycra collar with Italy flag colours details and cendre blue stitching finish. Replicating the classic look in Italian away kits of the past, the away kit has a cendre blue band across the chest with the emblem placed in the middle.Chocolate brown piping is used on the shorts, which could be interchangeably used with the home kit. There are four stars on the socks, representing four World Cup wins, in chocolate brown colours with a cendre blue band just above the ankle.